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Announcing: 50 States. 50 Wineries. 50 Weeks

Every Friday on Wine Sediments, I bring you The Vines Less Tasted, a column that focuses on the wine world’s lesser-known regions and lesser-known grapes. So far we’ve looked at blaufrankisch, Napa Gamay Noir and some upstate New York hybrids … and while fun, I think it’s time to get serious about this exploration of wines that I’ve never tasted (and I bet you haven’t either).

Wine is made in every single one of the United States. There are so many wines out there beyond those made in California, Oregon, Washington and, yes, New York.

I mean, how many of you have had a wine from Idaho?

So, it is with great pleasure and excitement that I officially announce my plans to taste, and write about, wines from all 50 states over 50 weeks — starting on May 5.

So, join me starting May 5 as I chronicle my virtual tasting tour of each of America’s wine regions.

In the meantime, if you know of a meticulous muscadine producer in Alabama, a maker of brilliant baco noir in Wisconsin or any other wine in any other state that I should target, let me know.

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